about me
I am a corporate-publishing dropout, having left the city and “success” at the end of 2007 for a life lived much more quietly and close to nature. I garden (publishing a popular garden website since 2008, and opening for tours a few times a season for 16 years); write books (my third, The Backyard Parables, is out January 2013); and lecture a lot, hoping to proselytize others into digging in, too. I also help people make websites.

a short professional biography
There was little hope of escaping a career in the world of words, being born to a couple of journalists who also loved to read. The pull was strong enough to sweep in not just me but my sister, Marion, an author and writing teacher. But before looking forward, a look back: I have worked long stints at three places—the New York Times, Newsday, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Tucked in the middle of my years at the Times, I took a break for a two-year editorship of Women’s Sports Magazine, the creation of Billie Jean King. Very early in my career, I wrote the Times's Sunday “Women in Sports” column.

At Newsday I was first its fashion editor, and then, at last, my desire to link personal passion and profession converged. In 1990 I became the garden editor of the nation’s 10th-largest daily, located in the heart of prime garden territory: Long Island. It was my Newsday columns that attracted Martha Stewart to hire me as her first garden editor. I loved visiting gardens, and writing—but the company grew, and so did I. Out of the garden I did go. I became head of the Internet-Direct Commerce division, managing the birth of marthastewart.com, and after that editorial director of MSL’s magazines, books and internet.

In 2008 I began a transition back to being just Margaret—writer and gardener—formed Margaret Roach Incorporated (employees: just one!), and moved to my garden in upstate New York, which for more than 20 years had called out to me to be home more than just weekends. I created awaytogarden.com, reflecting my passion for plants and the object of extensive national praise; authored And I Shall Have Some Peace There and The Backyard Parables. I consult with clients on creating WordPress websites, and even the occasional garden. I am a word person, as I started out by saying, and specifically a person who knows how to use words to create concepts that effectively reach others online and offline. I can conceive, develop and execute; I package content and make it resonate, create brands from that content and keep them true to themselves, and their customers. If I can help you, do be in touch.

The Backyard ParablesAnd I Shall Find Some Peace There


The Backyard Parables: Lessons
on Gardening, and Life
, 2013

And I Shall Have Some Peace There, a dropout memoir, 2011

A Way to Garden, 1998, Named Best Book of the Year by Garden Writers of America

Horticultural how-to and “woo-woo,” since March 2008


The New York Times
1973-1978 and 1981-1985
From copy girl to copy editor, with writing on the side

Women’s Sports Magazine
Editor in Chief, 1978-80

Newsday and New York Newsday Fashion Editor, 1985-90
Garden Editor, 1990-95

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia 1995-2008: SVP, Garden Editor, Martha Stewart Living magazine
EVP, Internet-Direct Commerce
EVP, Editorial Director, Publishing